Rockwell Automation and Cognite form strategic industrial data hub offering

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Industrial automation and digital transformation firm Rockwell Automation and Cognite, a global leader in industrial data software, have announced a strategic partnership to further unlock the value of manufacturing data and accelerate technological change for the industry.
The partnership combines Rockwell’s FactoryTalk® software offering of next-generation edge connectivity to plant assets, operations management applications, and industry-tailored analytics with Cognite’s leading Industrial DataOps platform, Cognite Data Fusion®, to create an industrial data hub.
The partnership between Rockwell and Cognite will bring to market a unified, edge-to-cloud industrial data hub that makes operational, engineering, enterprise, and visual data understandable and comparable for manufacturing across industries.
The offering will transform raw data into high-impact applications for real-time decision making and improved workflows that ensure safe, productive, and sustainable operations. With Cognite’s proven success in the Energy industry, this partnership will further enhance the edge-to-enterprise capabilities from Sensia, Rockwell’s joint venture with Schlumberger.
“Manufacturers of all sizes struggle with getting access to, and value from, their data.  A unifying information hub can provide a single source of truth for all manufacturing data without a major investment in proprietary and costly platforms,” said Rockwell’s Brian Shepherd, senior vice president of software and control.
“The bigger a company is, the harder it is to pull data together from all the different sources and then get meaningful analytic insights affordably. Our partnership with Cognite will directly address these challenges.”
“We are excited to partner with Rockwell Automation to expand their FactoryTalk offerings and further enrich the data central to their applications,” added Girish Rishi, CEO of Cognite. “Our mission at Cognite - to foster the development, operationalization, and scale of industrial Hybrid AI solutions - is echoed in this partnership. We look forward to working with Rockwell Automation to accelerate the industrial adoption of applied analytics and digital applications.”

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