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Robix demonstrates C160 oil spill recovery product in Mexico

Robix Alternative Fuels has demonstrated its patented C160 oil spill recovery vessel in open water testing in Mexico.

The C160 is capable of recovering up to 160m3/hr of spilt oil off the surface of water.

The vessel exceeded expectations in terms of its oil recovery performance and operation in open water testing conditions.

The next step is to complete independent 3rd party testing by local authorities to qualify the C Series for commercial sales in Mexico.

‘Upon successful completion of that test we will have a green light to actively pursue commercial sales in Mexico. We have identified a number of customers and will be working closely with our joint venture partners to produce a sales order book,’ says Nathan Hansen, president and CEO of Robix.

The C Series vessels are scalable by design, with the small end, the C10, able to recover up to 10m3/hr while the C20, C40, and C80 increase proportionally to the medium-sized C160.

The C Series is capable of efficiently and effectively recovering oil in rough and debris-laden sea conditions due to its design and stable platform.

Where other conventional mechanical oil recovery systems quite often fail in anything more than calm waters, the C Series can operate in waves up to 8ft, depending on the size of the vessel.

The recovery rate of the Robix C Series is in the 90-97% range, which is higher than traditional recovery rates recorded by industry over the past two decades.