Roadmap to improvements

Last year, the European Commission (EC) announced its commitment to delivering on its energy efficiency and carbon reduction objectives through its new Green Deal proposition. This Europe-wide undertaking is, of course, excellent news and sets out a roadmap for the suggested improvements.
It also presents an ideal time to recall the pump industry’s early and continued contribution to energy savings, which has not only been significant to date, but also realistic and achievable in the short-term.
By way of example, water pumps have the potential of saving 50 TWh of electricity across Europe, which is equivalent to the output of five large coal-fired power plants, annually. Economic contribution
Even though the pump industry’s contribution to gross domestic product is smaller than other sectors, by comparison, the energy consumption of pumping systems is much higher. It ranges from 10-15% of the overall annual electricity production across Europe.
That is why the energy saving potential of pumping systems is extremely high at absolute level and why our pump manufacturers place a great deal of importance upon it. Energy...

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