Riventa’s real-time pump monitoring delivers long-term benefits in Korea

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Riventa has installed a new fixed monitoring system that will, in real-time, analyse the performance of 10 pumps at one of the city’s most important pumping stations in Incheon, South Korea.
The data gathered by Riventa will enable the water supply system providers to better plan for capital expenditure and minimise whole-life costs.
The fixed monitoring will also help reduce the pumps’ energy consumption, carbon emissions, hydraulic failure and premature wear.
As the pumps in Incheon are part of a key dynamic system, their contribution varies with demand and system characteristics.
Riventa’s FREEFLOWi4.0 system will monitor hydraulic performance and pump efficiency. In conjunction with operator interface software, the real-time effectiveness of each pump will be evaluated, and accurate data generated to make optimisation happen.
This latest order for Riventa follows its successful work in the port city of Yeosu in South Korea, where at a tyre manufacturer’s water pumping plant, it identified annual energy savings of 13%.

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