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Risk reduction for downstreaming piping system

Ethylene units in refineries and petrochemical plants require reliable and durable steam control valves to regulate temperatures for process control.
To modernise a Chinese engineering company’s ethylene unit, operators replaced failing valves with steam converting valves (SCVs) that feature a unique steam atomisation design.
The new steam converting valves with integrated cooling system was delivered in record time. It offered the company the highest rangeability and superior thermal shock risk reduction for the downstream piping system, with no requirement for a downstream liner.
Pressure reduction and desuperheating valves at power plants
The SCV, also known as a pressure reduction and desuperheating (PRDS) valve, combines pressure reduction for steam pressure and water injection for temperature reduction.
PRDS valves at power plants are normally located downstream of the boiler, parallel to the high pressure, intermediate pressure, or low-pressure turbine stages, to bypass the turbine and convert the steam from higher pressure and higher temperature to lower level.
If the plant is a cogeneration plant, there is also an...

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