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RFID chips add continuous electronic traceability to valves

Gemü Conexo product family
Gemü Conexo product family

German valve maker Gemü has equipped its valves with integrated RFID chips to enable continuous electronic traceability and direct maintenance support in response to industry’s growing needs for documentation.

The system, referred to as Gemü Conexo, comprises valves with an integrated RFID chip (in the body, diaphragm, and actuator), an electronic reading device, the Conexo pen, and IT infrastructure comprising a Conexo app for mobile end devices and the Conexo portal server as a central database ideally installed at the operator's premises.

This interaction allows maintenance technicians to call up current information on the valve – such as the valve description, instructions, test reports or maintenance information – in the field at any time.

No online connection is required for this, as the data is saved on a mobile end device.

Since the information can be read out at the valve itself, the installation qualification process is sped up as the required documents and test reports can be called up and compared quickly and easily.

Maintenance documentation is also processed electronically by the Conexo app, which guides technicians through the maintenance processes, can record the evaluation of wearing parts electronically, and verify this via photo documentation.

This allows the data to be recorded and processed further electronically in a simple and organised manner, whether for the customer's SCADA environment or in the customer's ERP system.

The Conexo portal can be used to analyse the history of operating media sites, even cross-plant, which enables maintenance intervals to be optimally adapted too.

Conexo is designed as an open system, which means that many other plant components can be managed in the system in addition to Gemü valves.

Gemü Conexo product family