Respecting the pressure of your pumping and pipeline system

Pressure transient events can now be monitored at 200 times per second.
Some municipalities might find themselves issuing ‘boiled water notices’ every day.
These notices are issued when an unexpected condition has caused a potential biological contamination of water in the system.
What is the SCADA pressure data saying? What are the necessary measures to be taken to ensure that the public water distribution system is protected from any actual or potential backflow hazards within the distribution piping system?
When the municipality turned off their pump, did the pressure in the distribution system fall to the point of back-siphonage? Back-siphonage, common in all water systems, leads to a net movement of water from outside the pipe to the inside, through cracks, breaks, or joint in the distribution system. Such a system failure carries with it a high potential that fecal contamination or other disease-causing organisms could enter the distribution system.
These conditions may pose an imminent and substantial health threat to people served by the system.
‘Water hammer’, a pressure surge or wave, is a serious concern for the...

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