Report: ‘Filtration is critical in the optimisation of gas processing systems’

Filtration is critical in the optimisation of gas processing systems, a new report from Celeros Flow Technology concluded.
The importance of filtration in the optimisation of gas processing systems was emphasised in a new white paper, authored by in-house experts from the company.
When correctly specified and maintained, the report said, a filtration system could reduce downtime and increase profitability - yet it was a technology that was often overlooked or misunderstood.
Chris Nixon, global product manager for filters at Celeros, said: “Filtration is a vital part of a wide variety of modern industrial processes.
It removes harmful liquid and solid contaminants, improves product quality and protects downstream equipment from damage, yet it is a discipline that doesn’t always receive the attention it deserves.”
Celeros FT has experience in filtration through its Dollinger, Plenty, Airpel and Vokes brands.
As a full lifecycle partner, the firm wanted to share its expertise and encourage best practice by demonstrating how an appropriately specified and maintained filtration system can add real value for customers.
The report, Key Factors for Specifying and Implementing a Filtration Solution for Gas Processing Systems, is intended as a thorough introduction to the basic principles of filtration and what factors to consider when specifying and maintaining a filtration system in gas processing applications.
The paper details what types of contamination were likely to be encountered, as well as explaining the role of solid and liquid filtration in gas processing.
It then explored new technological developments that would make filtration systems more reliable and cost effective. Visit celerosft.com/en-us/brands/dollinger

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