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Renold Couplings’ Hi-Tec range available ‘off the shelf’

Renold Couplings’ Hi-Tec range of pilot bored RB rubber-in-compression couplings are now available ‘off the shelf’.

Used across a variety of production industries, the Hi-Tec RB coupling transmits torque using compressed rubber elements to dampen vibration and eliminate backlash.

This results in the efficient operation of the drive train, while removing the risk of failure and the consequential risk to health and safety.

In addition to this, Renold's Hi-Tec RB couplings are 'fit and forget', requiring no lubrication, which not only saves money on maintenance costs, but also in downtime and coupling failure.

Nigel MacVean, managing director of Renold Couplings, says: ‘A reliable coupling is critical to any production line and coupling failure will prove costly in terms of downtime and loss of production. To have a high quality, replacement coupling available “off the shelf” is a huge reassurance.’

The Hi-Tec RB ranges are universal sizes and can replace most couplings.