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Remote weld purge monitoring

The new device
The new device
Huntingdon Fusion Techniques HFT has created the PurgEye 1000 Weld Purge Monitor enabling operators to read weld purge gas level from a distance.
The exposure to oxygen during the welding process on alloys such as stainless steel will result in discolouration and can severely reduce corrosion resistance properties.
It is crucial that the oxygen level is monitored throughout the welding process and kept to a desired level.
However, is often difficult for welding personnel to get an accurate reading of the oxygen level at the welding zone when welding lengths of tube and pipework of 20 metres length and more.
Ron Sewell, chairman of the purging products manufacturer, said: “The PurgEye 1000 incorporates a sensing head, which can be fitted onto any pipe weld purging system. The oxygen level is then measured directly at the weld location and the information is electronically transferred to the monitor up to 1 km away.
“It now features PurgeNet, a networking device designed for communicating the current oxygen reading from the monitor, to another piece of equipment, such as the visual warning accessory PurgeAlarm™ which indicates rising or falling purge levels.
“If exhaust gas from a normal weld purge system is piped down a hose to a distant measuring instrument, it may take many minutes, or even hours in some cases, for a stable reading to reach the sensor. The exhaust gas may even be contaminated on the way by outgassing from the walls of the hose material or from air drawn in through a leaky connection.”
The device measures oxygen levels from 1,000 parts per million (ppm), right down to 1 ppm (accurate to 10 ppm), ideal for welding metals such as stainless steels, duplex steels, titanium and zirconium where oxide free, zero colour welds are required time after time.
The new device