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Rembe’s new approach

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Using the highest precision manufacturing methods, REMBE has developed a range of rupture discs with high performance characteristics.
By using advanced in-house technology, the company has developed a performance-improved range of rupture discs.
Contour precision manufacturing enables highly accurate digitalisation of the rupture disc surface while high cutting speeds ensure excellent surface quality. A switch to a rupture disc in the CPX range can improve output and reduce operational costs, thanks to the increased lifespan capability of the rupture disc – maximising uptime while minimising environmental and safety concerns.
Move from traditional mechanical scoring to contour precision manufacturing
Unique precision manufacturing methods – contour precision lasering (CPL) and contour precision profiling (CPP) – enables high quality, accurate, burst control even in the harshest of chemical manufacturing environments.
When used as an alternative to traditional rupture disc scoring methods, this latest development in rupture disc manufacturing technology can provide new advantages, as it does not influence or weaken the...

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