Reliable flowmeter

A flowmeter is a measuring instrument that measures the amount of fluid that passes through a section of pipe per unit time.
It is an indispensable measuring instrument used in many different fields, such as water and gas meters, petrol stations, chemical and oil plants, food industries, and for the measurement of wastewater and exhaust gases in factories.
Flowmeters are classified as volumetric flowmeters and mass flowmeters. Literally, a volumetric flowmeter measures the volume of fluid that passes per unit time and a mass flowmeter measures the mass of fluid passed per unit time.
Special measurements
Volumetric flowmeters are further divided into positive displacement type and indirect measuring type, and the oval flowmeter, which also bears the company name, is a measured volumetric flowmeter.
A combination of two oval gears is installed inside the flowmeter to deliver a fixed amount of fluid at each revolution and measure the flow rate according to the number of revolutions.
In principle, a volumetric flowmeter does not require any external energy, such as electricity, as the rotor is actuated by the energy of...

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