Real-time monitoring of HPLC pump performance

TESTA Analytical Solutions has published a technical report that evaluated a new liquid flowmeter device designed to provide continuous real-time monitoring of the pump flow rate of any liquid chromatography system.
High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) is one of the most widely used techniques in analytical chemistry.
The range of applications soluble using HPLC covers a vast range of sample types, concentrations and compositions.
However, all HPLC separations have one detail in common - they are reliant on a stable and constant flow rate of solvent and by this they all require constant HPLC pump performance.
This technical report described the shortfalls of traditional flow measurement techniques and demonstrated how a novel method of continuous monitoring of flow rate could provide real-time validation of the total HPLC system performance and as such, improve reliability of results.
Introduced in 2020, the TESTA Analytical Liquid Chromatography Flowmeter is based around a thermal flow sensor that is not only extremely accurate, sensitive and high-resolution – but it also offers the advantage of being non-invasive.
As this device does not interfere with the measurement itself, and can operate over a wide dynamic range, it offers the potential to be the perfect flow monitoring tool for almost any liquid chromatography system.

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