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Read and GE develop new leak detection system for oil wells

Read Cased Hole, a Scotland-based oil well production and integrity evaluator, has launched a new Micro-leak Detection solution.

The new solution will help maximise operational safety and minimise downtime by delivering fast and reliable answers for on-the-spot well integrity management decisions.

The diagnostic solution combines GE Oil & Gas’ NTO acoustic noise tool and Read’s Micro-leak Detection service line.

It creates a detailed map of downhole acoustic energy, which when combined with measurements from flowmeter and fast response temperature sensors, enables users to precisely locate leak sites, identify active flow pathways, and determine the sources of flow energy.

Read’s specially developed Micro-leak Detection software segregates the acquired acoustic data according to the frequency of the captured sound energy, enabling spectral analysis of the data and accurate diagnosis of unwanted flow events associated with well integrity issues.

Read partnered with GE Oil & Gas on field trials of the NTO technology, accelerating delivery of the Micro-leak Detection service line that is now being deployed across slickline, electric line, coil tubing, and tractor-conveyed well interventions worldwide.

“Read’s Micro-leak Detection technology is the result of collaboration with GE Oil & Gas,” said Tobben Tymons, Read’s technical director.

“We also worked closely with our customers across the North Sea and Middle East regions to develop a solution that delivers enhanced performance and fast-response analysis allowing operators to quickly identify integrity issues on wells of all types and stages in their life cycle,” he added.