Raising the bar

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Drain valves comprise up to 20% of all valves in a typical processing plant. However, cleaning them is costly, difficult and time-consuming due to long cleaning cycles and the risk of pressure shocks.
The new Alfa Laval ThinkTop pulse seat clean addresses all these issues, quickly and effectively making drain valves spotless while delivering savings of up to 95% in CIP liquid.
ThinkTop is aiming to raise the bar on water savings.
The new pulse seat clean feature does for drain valves what the burst seat clean did in 2019 for mix-proof valves.
While burst seat clean reduces CIP liquid for mix-proof valves by up to 90%, the pulse seat clean cuts drain valve CIP liquid consumption by up to 95%.
More savings, more uptime
Savings are made possible by using this standard automated valve-position feature, triggered by a rising programmable logic controller (PLC) signal and controlled by the Alfa Laval ThinkTop V50 and V70 sensing and control units.
“The ThinkTop pulse seat clean brings savings in CIP liquid to process plant owners and operators compared to conventional PLC timer-controlled seat cleaning,” said René Stietz, product...

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