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Raising the alarm

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Machine-learning technology trialled on part of Wessex Water’s sewerage network has identified early forming sewer blockages in real-time with a 92% accuracy rate.
The potential of artificial technology (AI) to transform sewer network management has been demonstrated during a three-month trial of StormHarvester’s Intelligent Sewer Suite with Wessex Water in the city of Bath in the UK.

Sewer blockages

The technology quickly demonstrated its value, with over 60 early blockage formations detected in real-time and control room alerts reduced by a staggering 97%.
Managing sewer blockages represents a significant operational challenge for water and wastewater utilities.
As well as problems arising from the blockages themselves, heavy rainfall events often trigger hundreds of alarms simply because of high levels within the sewer network caused by rainfall runoff.
The volume of these alarms during wet weather periods can be overwhelming for operational and maintenance teams.
The incumbent rules-based alarm system operating in the Wessex Water control room generated some 4,500 alarms during the trial...

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