Queen’s award for Armstrong Fluid Technology

Armstrong Fluid Technology was presented with the Queen's Award for Enterprise for Sustainable Development.
The presentation ceremony took place at Armstrong's state-of-the-art facility in Manchester and involved a tour of the premises followed by a presentation on its award winning sustainability initiatives.
The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise is the most prestigious business awards in the country, with recognised businesses able to bear the esteemed emblem for the next five years.
Armstrong Fluid Technology was one of only 17 to receive an award in the Sustainable Development category.
The company is an international company, with eight manufacturing facilities on four continents.
Steve Cooper, of Armstrong, said: “Sustainability involves a number of small changes that, when combined, make a big difference. This award is in recognition of the collaborative efforts of everyone at Armstrong since 2012.
"We all play our part, whether that involves the products we create, to help our customers save energy and CO2, or the way we develop our buildings and carry out our operations. Initiatives such as installing solar panels and implementing processes at our plants to manufacture more sustainably are important. But so are simple day-to-day measures such as individuals switching off lights and recycling to reduce waste.
“It’s been a real team effort and we are extremely proud of our achievement. Having reached this important milestone, we are now setting our sights on the next key sustainability goal, as we strive for all of our plants around the globe to be Net Zero by 2030.”


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