Qdos pump doses for three years without fault

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A Qdos 60 PU peristaltic pumphead from Watson Marlow Fluid Technology Solutions has completed three years of maintenance-free operation without any leaks in a trial at the City of Oak Ridge water treatment plant (WTP) in Tennessee.
The trial began in May 2020 with the prototype Qdos 60 peristaltic pump with ReNu PU (polyurethane) pumphead dosing polyaluminium chloride, a polymer used in water purification which enhances flocculation and coagulation of pollutants.
Throughout the period, there has been no need to stop production for maintenance downtime or to fix a polymer leak - which are expensive and time-consuming to clean up.
The Qdos 60 ReNu PU pumphead is specifically designed for polymer dosing, and has performed without requiring replacement, providing efficient, safe, leak-free and reliable polymer metering.
“The Qdos 60 pump that is used to feed coagulant - a polyaluminium chloride polymer called DYPAC 5461 - and the prototype pumphead that Watson-Marlow provided has been absolutely amazing,” said, plant manager Mark Terry.
“The pumps that were previously used to add coagulant into the plant’s raw water were old and prone to clogging. It was decided to use a Qdos 60 PU pump and there has been no disappointment with the performance.
“The Qdos 60 and ReNu PU pumphead was installed and began feeding the coagulant on May 14, 2020. Other than when the plant has been down for a few hours for reasons such as temporary power outages, the Qdos 60 pump and the prototype pumphead has run non-stop for three years.
The Qdos 60 PU offers precise and repeatable flows for many hard-to-handle fluids, including viscous fluids and aliphatic hydrocarbons, at linear flow rates of up to 60 L/h (15.8 GPH) and pressures of up to 5 bar (73 psi). The ReNu pumphead is a single, safely contained, component for rapid no-tools maintenance with no additional valves or ancillary equipment to fail or vapour lock.

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