Punctual pump maintenance thanks to Sulzer service network

A manufacturer within the German automotive sector has a modern combined heat and power plant that supplies its own facilities as well as large areas of the nearby town.
A short lead time was, therefore, an important aspect when putting routine pump maintenance out to tender.
Not only was Sulzer able to offer the earliest completion date, but it also met the deadline and to the full satisfaction of the customer – in spite of unforeseen challenges during the performance of the project.
Ten years ago, during the comprehensive modernisation of the power plant, the highly efficient combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT) plant was constructed.
This supplied the power plant with electricity (approximately 70% of the demand) and heat as well as space heating by means of cogeneration.
The natural gas-fired power plant also supplied a large part of the district heating requirement for the nearby town.
The central components of the plant included feed water pumps, which supplied water to the steam generators at the power plant.
As the reliability and availability of the pump groups are essential for the operation of the power plant, the...

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