Pumps remove rainwater as Singapore’s newest underground line is built

The construction of the latest underground subway is under way in Singapore and Tsurami Pumps is playing its part.
The Thomson-East Coast Mass rapid Transport (MRT) line is being built and several of its submersible dewatering pumps were used in the construction of the Marina Bay station building and the tunnel construction connecting adjacent stations.
Especially for the occasional squalls that occur in the region, many submersible pumps, such as the HS-series, single-phase portable drainage pumps, and the NKZ-series, medium-sized slurry pumps, have been used for rainwater drainage.
The HS-series is a submersible single-phase portable drainage pump. Though it is a single-phase unit, the pump has the durability equivalent to three-phase drainage pumps, since the wear parts are made of abrasion-resistant materials.
The side discharge, spiral design allows smoother passage of the sucked solid matters. The shaft-mounted agitator prevents ‘air lock’ that tends to take place on vortex or semi-vortex pumps.
The NKZ-series is a submersible three-phase cast iron heavy-duty slurry pump driven by a four-pole motor.
It is equipped with an agitator that assists smooth suction of settled matters. The side discharge, spiral design allows smoother passage of the sucked solid matters.
The motor is cooled by a water jacket that assures efficient motor cooling even when it operates with its motor exposed to air.
The use of guide rail fitting system improves convenience in the facilities such as, iron works, ready-mixed concrete plants, and wastewater treatment plants where the pump is to be installed with a fixed discharge piping.
Singapore’s MRT system became operational in 1987 and over the years it has expanded to include new stations and lines.

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