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Pumps perfected for first-of-a-kind plant

Pumps for circulating clean engine oil - a reasonably ordinary application? But then there’s nothing ordinary whatsoever about Arjun Infrastructures’ power plant in London, which generates 17MW of renewable energy from food waste and can also utilise fats, oils and greases (FOG).
”This is a first-of-a-kind plant,” said Phil Jones, director at 2OC, who developed the plant and now manage it on behalf of Arjun.
He added: “Joining up assets that haven’t previously been linked together before has presented many engineering challenges.”
Originally specified by Jacobs Engineering, the two 90kW lubrication pumps for the Combined Heat and intelligent Power (CHiP) plant had to be installed by main contractor J. Murphy and Sons in a very tight space, presenting the first in a series of obstacles to be overcome.
David Brown, from the pump manufacturer Börger explained: “At first we thought that this was going to be a relatively uncomplicated job, but then the small footprint was just one of many hurdles to negotiate – not to mention the fact that the pumps had to go below ground, beneath the plant’s engine.
“We designed a special base...

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