Pump passes seven metre drop test

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Sometimes there are moments that surprise even experts. This was the case recently when a Tsurumi dewatering pump survived a drop test from a height of seven metres - which was not really to be expected.
This remarkable achievement sheds new light on the robustness and reliability of dewatering pumps. The fact that they can withstand a lot is relevant for the actual operating task, but also for accident prevention and environmental protection through oil leaks and other incidents.
The test was carried out by the pump manufacturer Tsurumi in the run-up to the upcoming IFAT trade fair in Germany.
It comprised two series that were to prove their resistance to extreme events. Firstly, a universal pump of the type HS2.4S was dropped from a height of seven metres. This is roughly equivalent to a free fall out the third floor of a building.
It only suffered cosmetic damage. This did not really surprise the manufacturer.
"Tsurumi pumps can really take a beating," said test manager Matthew Hill. Although the pump had scratches on the housing, it otherwise worked perfectly.
The test with an LB480, also a universal dewatering pump for...

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