Pump manufacturer ensures safe glycol injection for natural gas production

LEWA Nikkiso America was awarded the contract to supply pumps to transport gas from the coast to offshore units.
Following the acquisition of natural gas production rights, off the northern coast of Mozambique by a French oil company, a gas drying plant was set up to compress the gas and later convert it into LNG (liquefied natural gas).
Since the gas is extracted under the water, the MEG (monoethylene glycol) used for drying had to be injected directly at the extraction points.
The company needed powerful pumps that could transport the MEG and the main challenge was to achieve a sufficiently high flow rate despite the high back pressure in the pipes.
Six G3U triplex pumps were chosen because they are specially designed for the high pressure range of over 500 bar.
By using the M800 pump head, this model enables a flow rate of 18 m3/h per pump.
Two of the six pumps are kept on stand-by for maintenance or repair work.
The pumps are manufactured at the main German LEWA Leonberg plant, and the base plates and resonators are supplied by LEWA Nikkiso Middle East.

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