Pump expertise improves at Saudi Arabia’s latest facility

A desalination plant in Saudi Arabia has taken advantage of Sulzer’s experience in reverse osmosis (RO) technology to reduce its energy costs and boost reliability.
The Shuqaiq 3 plant on Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea coast is being built by a public private partnership between the Saudi government and an international consortium.
The Spanish water engineering specialist, Acciona, is responsible for the design and construction of the plant.
When complete, the plant will produce 450,000 cubic meters (99 million gallons) of clean water per day, supplying the nearby cities of Jizan and Abha with a potential population of 2 million inhabitants.
The competitive tender that was awarded to Sulzer included the installation of seven high pressure HPDM pumps.
The contract also included 46 additional pumps to perform various critical roles across the plant, including seawater intake pumps, intermediate booster pumps, high pressure booster pumps and potable water pumps.
All the pumps underwent a comprehensive test regime before being dispatched to Saudi Arabia.
In these tests, the critical HPDM pumps demonstrated efficiency of over 90%, comfortably meeting their specification and validating the benefits of the innovative design delivered by Sulzer.
Construction of Shuqaiq 3 is expected to be completed at the end of the year.

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