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Pulsafeeder introduces new XAE actuator to enhance PulsaPro pumps

The Pulsafeeder XAE Actuator (via Pulsafeeder)
The Pulsafeeder XAE Actuator (via Pulsafeeder)

Announced 1 May, the Pulsafeeder XAE Actuator is designed to bring a higher level of precision and remote control to PulsaPro diaphragm pumps. PulsaPro pumps are used to dose specific volumes of chemicals in refineries, chemical and petrochemical plants, and in the upstream oil and gas industry.

The XAE Actuator is an electromechanical servo controller that provides remote control of PulsaPro hydraulic diaphragm pumps to alter flow rates as required by the process. It is API compliant.

Alarm relays alert users to unintended changes in flow rates, including stop conditions. The fault-tolerant and self-recovering XAE is designed for reliability and minimal maintenance, with metal gearing and an explosion-proof enclosure.

Pulsafeeder designed the actuator for ease-of-use, simplifying calibration capabilities and developing an intuitive user interface.

“In the past, we have provided third-party valve actuators, but after soliciting customer and distributor feedback, we’ve designed and built a true metering pump actuator that provides a better fit, and tighter controls for the PulsaPro pump series,” said Erik Van Bork, manager of Controls Engineering for Pulsafeeder. “The XAE is manufactured in the same plant as the PulsaPro pumps. This shortens delivery times, and we provide a common warranty for both products that further simplifies things for our customers.”

The XAE Actuator is built on a customisable platform. The XAE’s digital microprocessor-based controls are built for seamless control panel integration and expansion ports facilitate future enhancement as needs change.

The Pulsafeeder XAE Actuator (via Pulsafeeder)