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PT Hydraulics announces new pump series

PT Hydraulics Australia has added a new pump series for use in harsh environments to its range.

The Dynex PF500 Series pumps are designed for use in remote locations around the world. Featuring individual piston check valves with positive sealing action to provide contamination tolerance and greater volumetric efficiency at pressures to 10,000psi (700 bar).

Dynex panel system pumps have a low input power requirement of 0.7 kW at 700bar, making them ideal for use in remote locations with limited power supply. Four pump models offer flows from 0.83 to 2.65 L/min at 1,800rpm.

The high pressure pumps are compact and can be used on portable power packs for high-torque wrenches and other service tools. Split-Flow models, which provide multiple outputs from a single pump, are suitable for tool circuits with changing flow and pressure requirements.

Dynex spool and seated design directional valves are rated to 10,000psi (700 bar) and 15,000psi (1040 bar). Models with explosion-proof solenoids are approved by UL and CSA for use in hazardous environments. Models are also available with air or oil operators.