Providing the Quantum leap involving botox procedures

The Quantum 600 pump from Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group has been used by Daewoong Pharmaceutical - one of Korea’s leading healthcare organisations.
The pump reduces transfer time by providing high flow rates even at high pressure and its low pulsation prevents flowmeter instability.
Efficiency is essential at every stage in the production of medicines in order to minimise waste and bring medicines to patients more quickly.
This results in more profitable organisations and greater means to invest in research and development. Minimising processing time is therefore an important consideration to optimise the design of a drug manufacturing process.
Daewoong Pharmaceutical is one of Korea’s leading healthcare organisations, with the largest prescription drug sales in Korea.
One of the company’s key products is Botulinum toxin, a neurotoxic protein used to treat a range of medical conditions including muscle spasticity and migraine, as well as for cosmetic procedures (commonly known as Botox).
During the filtration of botulinium toxin, Daewoong encountered a problem of reducing flowrate at high pressure, leading to increased transfer time.
The Company required a pump that could achieve high flowrates (10-15 l/min) even at high pressures (2.5-3.0 bar). Quantum’s pump was chosen to overcome this problem, significantly reducing transfer time.

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