Pressure management

Non-revenue water (NRW) is the difference between the amount of water put into a distribution system and the amount of water billed to consumers. It is a global problem.
The estimated yearly global cost of NRW to utility companies is around $39 billion (€31 billion).
Olivier Narbey believes that the introduction of pressure management into existing water networks will solve a significant percentage of the world’s NRW problem.
Olivier, is NRW preventable?
Yes. One big factor of accumulated NRW worldwide is leakage in water networks. Leakage occurs, for example, due to the over-pressurised flow of water through the system.
We have to imagine that we have had the world’s population increase rapidly, the water systems in many places are just not adapted to the masses of water flowing through them. So, the pipes burst somewhere along the network. As a result, water leaks and is lost into the ground.
What approach do you propose to prevent water loss and NRW globally?
The burst pipe networks need to be repaired, or even better; the bursts need preventing. Pressure management technologies are widely...

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