Pressure management

As global water distribution infrastructure ages and the world's population grows, non-revenue water (NRW) – caused mainly by leakages resulting from pipe failures – presents a significant economic and environmental challenge for utilities worldwide.
Retrofitting existing water networks with modern pressure management systems helps prevent loss of precious water resources, as utilities such as Italy's IRETI have found.
NRW is water that is lost before it reaches the customer. It is the difference between the volume of water input into a distribution system, and the volume billed to consumers. The annual cost of NRW to utility companies globally represents an estimated £39 billion.
Over-pressurising the flow of water through utility systems to support an ever-growing population places higher demand on networks. It leads to accelerated ageing of piping and fittings, which is a major cause of leakages. Studies have shown that reducing the pressure in a water network by 25% can cut water losses by up to 75%. Proactive pressure management solutions, such as the polymer NeoFlow pressure regulating valve (PRV) from GF Piping Systems, can provide a much-needed...

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