PPE launches advanced sealing solution for oil and gas industry

Precision Polymer Engineering (PPE), a manufacturer of elastomer seals, has expanded its range of sealing solutions for the oil and gas sectors.

The new range of spring seals include elastomer seals which are made from Perlast and Endura materials and incorporate a spring, making them suitable for applications encountering high pressures, high temperatures or aggressive media and environments.

The double internal spring can be made from Inconel Alloy, stainless steel or PEEK and help prevent the extrusion of the seal when pressure is applied. The PEEK version of the springs also eliminates metal to metal contact, reducing wear and extending the operational lifetime of equipment using this type of seal.

Initially, PPE's spring seals will be available with a 60-850mm internal diameter and a cross section between 3.53 and 8.4mm. Larger and smaller sizes will soon be available.

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