Plenty Compact Backflushing Filters from CFT offers cost-effective solutions

A constant supply of uncontaminated process water is an essential requirement for many industrial applications.
The Plenty Compact Backflushing Filter from Celeros Flow Technology offers reliable, automatic filter cleaning at a low installed cost.
The filter has been specifically designed for use where an automatic cleaning filter is required to ensure process continuity without manual labour. Each unit is designed to automatically clean when pressure drop rises to 0.35 BARG.
These compact filters can be installed in process plant sourcing water from river, lake, canal, well or sea for applications such as cooling and quenching. Their small footprint also makes them ideal for nozzle protection.
These filters feature a positive and efficient cleaning action and are designed to minimise running costs. Their compact design incorporates a proven cleaning mechanism which has been developed to provide a high level of cleaning efficiency with very low product loss. There is no need for a separate back wash supply.
Filter housings are manufactured in cast iron or stainless steel, which allows the standard design to be used in a variety of process applications. The straining element is manufactured from stainless steel to provide a long service life and can be specified in mesh or wedge wire.
Available in a wide range of sizes, Plenty Compact Backflushing Filters are suitable for flow rates of between 45-590m3/hr in stainless steel and 95-590m3/hr in cast iron. Other ranges of Plenty backflushing strainers for larger pipe sizes and capacities up to 73,500 IGPM (20,000 m3/hr) and standard units for higher working pressures are also available.

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