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Plant pump and compressor optimisation for fertiliser manufacturers

Fertiliser and other chemical manufacturing processes rely on several key pieces of rotating equipment to maintain efficient production rates.
Using a preventative maintenance approach to uphold the reliability and efficiency of equipment is an important strategy.
In addition to this, retrofit projects enable new materials and component designs to be integrated with legacy equipment, extending their service life and reducing operating costs.
Even the most urban of us rely on well fertilised soil. From the food we eat to the celebratory bouquet – plants need good soil. Everything that we farm is only as good as the soil that it is grown in. Fertilisers help farmers create nutrient-rich soils, which in turn will promote the growth of healthy plants.
Paul Richardson, service centre manager at Sulzer’s Middlesbrough Service Centre, looks at how revitalising existing rotating equipment can offer a cost-effective improvement in efficiency and reliability.
The equipment used in the chemical industry to manufacture fertiliser operates in a challenging environment, which can cause accelerated wear, reducing efficiency. The need to minimise capital...

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