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Piping fuel around a remote island in the Maldives

Like a number of small islands in the Maldives, Velaa is completely dependent on fuel shipped in. This is stored in overground tanks before being used to refuel boats and power generators producing energy for the entire island. The island was recently bought by a Czech entrepreneur, and was relying on antiquated equipment and piping. KPS was approached to provide a reliable long-term solution.



When bought, the island was fitted with old obsolete equipment that required a complete rebuilding, including replacing previously installed corroding steel piping and extending and building new jetties.

When a fuel delivery ship arrived at the designated jetty, fuel needed to be transported to the storage facility at the centre of the island approximately 500m away (red line on image). From here, fuel needed to be distributed to two other jetties approximately 800m from the centre of the island to refuel boats (blue line on image). As this was the island’s only energy source, a reliable solution was required. Equipment installed would have to withstand constant exposure to saltwater, be safe in...

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