Pipeline Transition Alliance provides full service capability to repurpose gas infrastructure to hydrogen

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DORIS, ROSEN and SPIECAPAG have formed the Pipeline Transition Alliance - a partnership dedicated to re-purposing natural gas infrastructure to hydrogen service.
Broad adoption of hydrogen as a new energy source depends on large-scale, cost-effective transmission, and owners of pipeline infrastructure will play a critical role in meeting this challenge by re-purposing existing assets to hydrogen service.
Associated benefits of re-purposing existing infrastructure may include mitigated de-commissioning burdens, and security of future energy supply contracts.
However, introducing hydrogen into existing pipelines represents significant complexity and risk given the differentiated properties of hydrogen over natural gas.
The Pipeline Transition Alliance provides dependable, world class support to pipeline infrastructure owners across all project phases.
ROSEN will be responsible for pipeline inspection, assessment, and integrity management services. ROSEN’s cutting edge inspection and testing technologies allow for rapid, dependable early-stage assessment and estimation.
DORIS will undertake engineering of the pipeline and associated hydrogen production and conditioning systems. With 60 years of experience in the energy industry, DORIS’ renowned gas processing engineering capabilities support the design of highly efficient and safe facilities.
SPIECAPAG will provide Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) services for delivery of the re-purposed pipeline infrastructure along with new facilities as required to meet the client’s specifications and future demands.
Antony Loane, DORIS’ business development manager for Asia-Pacific, commented: “We’re able to provide our clients with confidence and clarity in understanding the risks and costs associated with introducing hydrogen into their assets.”
Hernando Caceres, vice-president business execution at ROSEN in Asia Pacific, said: “In forging this strategic alliance between Doris, ROSEN, and SPIECAPAG, we are positioning to deliver an integrated solution for hydrogen pipelines. Leveraging our combined expertise, we guide customers in repurposing existing pipelines while efficiently designing, building, and operating new ones.”
Jason Paterson, SPIECAPAG’s business strategy and growth manager, added: “This alliance has been formed to provide asset owners with an ‘end to end’ pipeline transition service to assist with the re-purposing of existing pipeline infrastructure from natural gas to hydrogen, covering all stages of the project lifecycle.”

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