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Pipeline ready to pump natural gas from Black Sea to Turkey

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Turkey has begun delivering pipes that will be used for the pipeline beneath the Black Sea to bring onshore natural gas.
The first batch delivered to the onshore natural gas processing facility at Filyos port in the northern Black Sea province of Zonguldak constituted 20% of the seabed pipeline that will stretch around 170 kilometres.
Scheduled to be constructed this year, the pipeline will connect the wells in the region to the main grid. Pipes are scheduled to be brought to the port in 10 separate shipments, which are expected to continue through June this year, the Anadolu Agency reported.
Located some 150 kilometres off the coast of Turkey in the Black Sea, the Sakarya gas field is home to the country’s largest-ever natural gas discovery. Around 540 billion cubic meters (bcm) of natural gas has been found there since August 2020.
Ankara aims to start pumping the gas to the national grid next year, with sustained plateau production starting in 2027-2028. The first phase is expected to see some 10 million cubic meters (mcm) of gas being delivered per day.
Turkey is expected to kick start the deepwater pipe laying once all the tubes have been brought to the Filyos port. The process is expected to take about five months.