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Pipeline leaks cuts off half of city’s water supply

According to The Times of India, a major leak in the main supply left two dozen localities under Shahganj and Lohamandi in Agra, India, without water on New Year’s Day.  

The pipeline is located under the Guru Ka Taal rail over bridge (ROB) and is connected to Lohamandi water pumping station. The Times of India report that a leakage had developed at the end of last week on the main line that was 1600mm in diameter. By New Year’s Day the leak meant that half of the city was without water.

Local Government, The Jal Sansthan has not been able to begin repairs on the pipeline but has provided water tanks to six localities.

The Times of India state that Jal Sansthan officials said a 200 metre portion of the pipeline needs to be replaced and that it will take up to five working days to complete the repair work.

GM Jal Sansthan, RS Yadav told The Times of India, “The water which has gathered under the ROB due to the leakage is being pumped out using a motor bridge. The equipment needed for repair work will be delivered from Delhi on Wednesday.”

He added, “We will try to complete the repair work within this week.”

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