Pipeline gas supplies to Europe through Nord Stream I halted again

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Gazprom, Russia’s state-owned energy firm, has stopped gas flows to Europe via its major pipeline due to vital maintenance work.
Gas flows from Nord Stream I, which runs from Russia to Germany via the Baltic Sea, has not yet resumed.
Gazprom revealed earlier that from mid-August gas flows would be suspended for a three-day period for maintenance works.
Gazprom previously said that gas transmission would resume at a rate of 33 million cubic meters per day when the maintenance work is completed “provided that no malfunctions are identified”.
This latest halt to supplies reflects a growing gas dispute between Russia and the European Union, Reuters reported.
Russia has drastically reduced gas supplies to Europe, with flows via the Nord Stream I pipeline operating at just 20% of the agreed-upon volume.
Moscow has previously blamed faulty and delayed equipment for the sharp drop in gas supplies.
Germany considers the supply cut to be a political ‘weapon’ designed to spread uncertainty across the bloc and boost energy prices amid Russia’s war in Ukraine.
The EU is currently racing to secure gas supplies in underground facilities in order to have enough fuel to keep homes warm during the winter months. These gas injections have been developing faster than expected.


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