Pipeline conference attracted 1,000 participants

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The 18th Pipeline Technology Conference has been larger and more international than ever with 1,000 participants from around the world attending.
For the first time ever, the full event ticket, which included the seminar programme, was completely sold out.
The flagship global conference & exhibition took place from 8-11 May in Berlin attracting 82 exhibiting companies and participants from 58 different countries.
With 83 pipeline operating companies sending delegations to Berlin, in total one out of three participants in Berlin came from a pipeline operator.
The event explored a range of pivotal topics for the international pipeline industry.
The conference started with a keynote speech on "Energy security, decarbonisation, and the clean transition: Implications for policy and infrastructure" examining international energy policies. Subsequently, key sessions focused on regional developments in the booming African pipeline market, the decarbonisation of the pipeline industry, the impact of climate adaptation and geohazards on pipeline infrastructure, the future of CO2 transportation, and perspectives for the pipeline market in the United States, Europe, and Southeast Asia.
However, PTC's core lies in its comprehensive technical programme, encompassing more than 100 presentations across 34 technical sessions.
These sessions, conducted in six concurrent tracks, gave a deep insight into the latest developments and advancements in pipeline technology. All papers will again be published on an open access basis via the PTC Pipeline Open Knowledge Base.
In addition to the annual highlights of the conference and exhibition, some new have also been added.
On the eve of the conference opening, a very successful Global Women in Pipeline kick-off event was held for the first time.
The 19th Pipeline Technology Conference will take place in Berlin from 8-11 April 2024. The for Papers and exhibitor registration will be open from mid-June.

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