Pioneering water projects are leading lights in new awards

Leading organisations that have embraced innovation to protect and enhance water supplies have been recognised for their pioneering work.
Corporations including the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, South East Water, Australia and the partnership between Xylem and Manchester City Football Club have been named as recipients of the inaugural Lighthouse Awards, launched this month by the Brave Blue World Foundation.
The winning Lighthouse organisations have developed new ways of utilising technology, finance or partnerships to reduce their impact in water stressed regions or build resilience of their local water systems.
Their ground-breaking achievements were discovered by the Brave Blue World Foundation during the research phase of its powerful documentary, Brave Blue World, which aims to drive positive change in water.
Brave Blue World Foundation founder Paul O’Callaghan said: “Every industry has a vanguard; the pioneers we will all come to follow. In water, the work of these Lighthouses is beyond critical if we are to ensure there is enough freshwater for future generations.
“When exploring the world for fascinating water stories during the making of Brave Blue World, we met several companies that were blazing a trail of innovation, as they strived to become sustainable and circular in their operations.”
The winners’ selection process, carried out by adjudicators from technology market intelligence company BlueTech Research, was based on a number of criteria and split into project themes.
These included blue-green infrastructure, water reuse, smart water, water catchment enhancement, regeneration, innovation in policy, innovation in communications and innovation in partnerships.

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