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Phoenix and Landia fix the mix at leachate plant

Landia aerators are playing an important role in the success of Yorwaste’s Harewood Whin Leachate Treatment plant, which has been extensively upgraded by Phoenix Engineering.
Managing over half a million tonnes of waste per year in Yorkshire, Yorwaste brought in Phoenix Engineering to carry out detailed process studies, and then to design and construct a major refurbishment of the treatment plant, originally built in 1990.
This included the enhancement of a challenging oval-shaped lagoon, which during the winter months was not achieving sufficient biological treatment efficiency.
Jonty Olufsen, managing director of Phoenix Engineering, explained: “We designed a new lagoon arrangement to focus on treating higher strength leachates within the landfill, which were a problem for the previous treatment plant system.
“During the winter, the existing mechanical floating aerators meant the lagoon could only operate at around 5C, when to achieve the most effective biological treatment, it should have been more like 20C.”
He added: “It is a complex application due to the oval shape of the (1400m3) lagoon. We worked long and hard with...

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