Pfeiffer Vacuum to introduce new turbopumps and diaphragm pumps

Pfeiffer Vacuum, a global supplier of vacuum technology, will introduce new turbopumps and new diaphragm pumps at the Analytica show in Munich on 10-13 May.

The new products to be introduced include the HiPace 30 and HiPace 300 H turbopump models and diaphragm pumps to act as their backups.

With a pumping speed of 32l/s, the HiPace 30 is currently the most powerful turbopump in its size class on the market, Pfeiffer says.

Due to the small footprint and low vibration level, the pump is particularly suited for integrating in compact analysis systems, such as portable mass spectrometers, small electron microscopes, and leak detectors.

At 2kg total weight, the HiPace 30 is also a good fit for portable applications, and its sophisticated rotor design provides high gas throughput and good compression of light gases.

This ensures a low residual gas background, which is ideal for mass spectrometry applications.

The new HiPace 300 H is the most powerful compression turbopump currently available in the pumping speed class of 300l/s.

With a compression ratio of 107 for hydrogen, it is suitable for generating high and ultra-high vacuum.

Due to the high compression ratio, a low residual gas spectrum is created in the chamber, which is desirable for mass spectrometry applications, for example.

Thanks to the advanced rotor designs, the HiPace 300 H has a high critical backing pressure of 30hPa.

This allows the pump to reach ultra-high vacuum, even when operating with high backing pressures, as occurs in combination with diaphragm pumps.

Due to the integrated “intermittent operation” function, the HiPace 300 H switches on a connecting backing pump only if the backing pressure is no longer adequate.

This reduces the energy consumption of the entire vacuum system by up to 90%.

The HiPace 30 and HiPace 300 H have a so-called hybrid bearing, which features a combination of a ceramic ball bearing on the fore-vacuum side and a permanent-magnet radial bearing on the high vacuum side, leading to high reliability and a long service life.

Diaphragm pumps

Since the HiPace turbopumps are equipped with a 24V DC power supply, the diaphragm pumps of the MVP DC series are the ideal backing pumps.

The brushless DC motor allows adjustments of the speed to the specific needs of a particular application.

In the automatic boost mode, the pump runs at full speed and reduces once a certain vacuum is reached.

In this way, high performance, long maintenance intervals, and low noise and vibration levels are achieved.

The installation of the system is simple and inexpensive thanks to unified communications via a D-sub connector.

Due to its light weight and compactness, pumps of the MVP DC series are well-suited for integration in increasingly small analytical systems and turbopumping stations and mobile applications.

The two-stage pumps are equipped with a magnetic gas ballast valve, so that improved process reliability and service life are achieved.

The operating temperature ranges from 5-40°C, and therefore covers a wide range of applications.

The easy maintenance of the pumps and the long service intervals, of about two years, guarantee low operating costs, Pfeiffer says.

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