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Personal sampling pump calibration

New Star Environmental offers a complete line of calibration instrumentation for portable or laboratory applications. Backed by proven DryCal Technology for fast, ±1% of reading calibrations, the Defender Series has three levels of instrumentation giving the user flexibility to do as much as needed while working to defend lives.

The Defender 520 is an enhanced volumetric primary flow standard that also records ambient temperature and pressure conditions. The Defender 530 is a volumetric primary flow standard and also standardises readings automatically.

This Series has a broad dynamic flow range with a choice of single, hands-free continuous, or user-specified 'burst' measurements. It offers the temperature and pressure conditions of the calibration process in the 520 model, with standardising readings in the 530 model. Time intervals between measurements allow for checking personal sampling pump stability over a typical sampling period.

The unit is a field-friendly, rugged and lightweight design featuring a large, illuminated liquid crystal display and intuitive menu navigation. It has RoHS- and CE-compliance.

Volumetric accuracy is ±1%. Volumetric options – mL/min, L/min, cc/min, cf/min.