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Peristaltic pumps with gentle roller mechanism

Wanner Engineering, headquartered in Minnesota, US, has introduced the Vector model 2006 peristaltic pump to handle difficult or challenging fluids without altering their composition.

The pump can move high-viscosity fluids (up to 15,000cPs) and pasty, pulpy, thick, abrasive, and corrosive solutions as well as fluids containing compressible solids up to 27mm in size.

It can be used to pump process fluids such as acids, slurries, sewage, chemicals, cosmetics, pigments, dyes, paints and inks, plus a variety of foodstuffs in commercial, institutional, industrial, and municipal facilities.

The Vector 2006 has a maximum flow rate of 53.4l/min, a maximum discharge pressure of 4.1 bar, and its suction lift capability is 7.3m.

The self-priming Vector 2006 compresses and relaxes a hose to pump fluid, and unlike many other peristaltic pumps, it features a roller mechanism instead of a rigid shoe to push the fluid through the hose.

This system isolates the fluid being pumped within the hose so it can handle difficult fluids without contamination and to help ensure longer service life with less downtime and maintenance.

Vector pumps can run dry without damage and have no seals or packing that can leak, clog, wear out, or require replacement.

They can also be used as a vacuum pump to clean up spills or to evacuate gases or as a metering pump due to them being positive displacement pumps, in which output flow is directly proportional to pump speed.