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Pentair to launch Helix technology to solve membrane fouling

Pentair will launch its patented flux enhancing Helix technology, available on all X-Flow tubular membrane modules, at the upcoming WEFTEC 2015 event in Chicago, USA.

Helix provides the solution to the problem of membrane fouling in high-solids ultrafiltration.

Inside the tubular membrane modules, the build-up of insoluble particles results in a cake layer at the membrane wall, which increases energy consumption and decreases overall performance.

The common answer is to step up the crossflow speed and energy use, and accept the drop in efficiency and productivity.

Helix introduces continuous turbulence right at the membrane wall, effectively cleaning the membrane at low crossflow velocities.

Depending on the feed water characteristics, Helix can deliver up to 100% extra productivity and lower energy consumption by 50%, Pentair says.