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Pentair releases new directly-mounted pinion actuators

Pentair has launched its new Keystone F89 pneumatic rack and pinion actuators.

The F89 series offers solutions for all quarter turn applications in industries such as chemical, processing, mining, and power, while delivering cost savings, improved safety and an increased torque rate.

The actuators mount directly on butterfly valves, eliminating the need for a bracket kit, which reduces valve package cost and overall dimensions.

This more compact profile makes valve automation easier and minimizes equipment footprint, which the manufacturer says is an advantage in applications where space is limited.

All models in the series include dual travel stops as standard, allowing for independent and accurate adjustment of the close and open position.

According to Pentair, the F89 series provides improved maintenance safety with up to 12 pre-compressed captive springs, which are designed to accurately match specific ball and butterfly valve torque requirements and provide an improved spring torque.

This optimized torque range facilitates reduced size and increased flexibility and the powder-coated springs also protects against corrosion, further reducing maintenance requirements.

The F89 forms part of a fully tested and installation-ready valve automated package with the Pentair quarter turn valve range.

The F89 series meets EN15714-3 standards and achieves SIL rating.