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Pentair launches new Biffi DCM2 diagnostic communicator

Pentair has introduced a diagnostic communication master for remote actuator control to help operators at complex, large scale plants optimise performance.

The manufacturer says its new Biffi DCM2 system provides advanced centralised monitoring, which highlights critical assets requiring maintenance, thus making scheduling repairs and maintenance more effective and cost-efficient.

 The Biffi DCM2 provides rapid analysis of electric actuators in the field by acting as an interface between the main control system and field devices.

According to Pentair, the device will notify the control room without impacting other operations in the same network through its multi-loop technology.

Biffi DCM2’s remote connectivity reduces the need for unplanned plant shutdowns or service downtime by enabling operators to respond quickly to maintenance needs.

Biffi DCM2 is small in size, featuring a graphic user interface with a 10” touch screen and a 78 Kbps connection speed.