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Pedrollo releases new submersible pumps for sewage applications

Pedrollo has released the new Tritus series of submersible grinder pumps.

The pumps feature cataphoretic coating for cast iron components, double mechanical seals in built-in oil chamber, and a stainless steel handle.

The Tritus also comes equipped with a high-grade grinder in the suction inlet.

This grinder, made of AISI 440C high-tempered stainless steel, can finely grind both solid parts as well as fibres inside drainage and sewage water

The pump is also capable of handling flow rates up to 120l/min and a head up to 22m.

Designed for sewage applications, Tritus can process liquid temperatures of up to 40°C at a maximum depth of 10m, with a minimum immersion depth of 300mm for continuous service.

For the time being the pump is available as a single-phase version at TRm1.1 and three-phase version at TR1.1 with P1 at 1.1 kW.

The single-phase version is provided with a pre-set float switch for automatic operation, external control box with manual overload reset, and two capacitors (for torque point and running) that ensure sufficient start-up.