Pedigree Technologies launches mobile fluid monitoring system

Pedigree Technologies has released a mobile fluid monitoring system in partnership with Pro-Fab Industries of Arborg, Manitoba and Titan Logix of Edmonton, Alberta.

When used alongside the Titan Logix TD80 liquid-level gauging system, the Pedigree Technologies OneView platform can be used to remotely monitor levels of crude, produced water, acid, jet fuel and other liquid chemicals being hauled in tanker trailers.

The TD80 gauging system is used to send fluid level readings to the OneView platform, which combines the data with the tank’s real-time GPS location. This allows a company to monitor tanks and other assets remotely and ensure proper handling is taking place.

Pedigree Technologies director of product management, Joshua DeCock says, ‘The main benefit of this feature is that companies can track where and how much fluid is picked up and dropped off. This gives traceability and helps ensure people are not dumping illegally or handling fluids improperly.’

Tank-level readings are taken any time the trailer comes to a stop. The system can also be programmed to send email and text message alerts if fluid levels change from one stop to the next.

This integration creates a safer and more efficient working environment. The TD80 system enhances driver safety by eliminating the need for the driver to climb on top of the tank to take a measurement. Instead, the tank’s fluid level is displayed at eye-level using an advanced digital display.

The combination of the Titan TD80 with the Pedigree Technologies OneView system enables the dispatcher to see where the vehicle is located and how much product volume is left onboard, or how much ullage is remaining.

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