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PDVSA producing two upgraded crude grades

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Venezuela's state-run oil company PDVSA has started producing two upgraded crude grades for domestic refining.
PDVSA's 1.3 million-barrel-per-day capacity refining network and US sanctions have led to intermittent scarcity of cooking gas, petrol and diesel, making the nation more dependent on imports.
Following the restart of a key upgrader in June, operated by the Petrocedeno joint venture, PDVSA has scheduled the first cargo of light Zuata Sweet synthetic crude to be sent this month to its largest refinery, the 645,000-bpd Amuay.
PDVSA had stopped producing Zuata Sweet and other upgraded crudes in 2019 shortly after US sanctions deprived the firm and its private partners from the largest market for those grades, the U.S. Gulf.
The state company last month also began production of a new upgraded crude grade, Hamaca 22 with the first 500,000-barrel cargo loading at the Jose port bound for Amuay.
The company's fuel production has fallen since May after slightly rising in the first four months of the year. Venezuela also imported diesel to ease the lack of motor fuels.