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Parker releases liquid valve for precision applications

Motion and control technologies provider Parker Hannifin has released the R9 diaphragm rocker isolation liquid valve family.

Parker says the new range of 9mm valves improves performance of clinical diagnostic, analytical chemistry, and agent detection systems requiring precision fluid control.

Due to their small size, the R9 valves can be mounted over microplates eliminating transfer lines, which can improve performance and saves space, and they offers the flow typical of a 16mm valves in a 9mm width.

When mounted on a manifold, the R9’s small footprint enables smaller and more efficient fluidic circuits by taking less space and shortening fluid channels.

The valves also have low carryover and low internal volume, are particulate resistant, and can manage a variety of flow and pressure ratings up to 100 psi (6.9 bar) supporting the use of smaller fluid passageways, which reduces fluid consumption and increasing throughput.

‘As OEMs are responding to their customers’ needs for smaller instruments, their system pressure ratings are increasing.  This new valve series will enable more efficient designs that reduce fluid usage and increase throughput,’ says Don McNeil, senior product manager for Parker.

The R9 is well fit for applications such as in-vitro diagnostics, hematology, molecular diagnostics, flow cytometry, genomics, proteomics, liquid handling, sample preparation, chromatography, and precision flow control.